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Methods for Recognizing Symptoms of Stroke Used by In Home Elderly Care Providers

May 8, 2018 by Michael Grim

Stroke is one of the most common causes of death among seniors in America. It happens when the blood supply to the brain is compromised. In most cases, that happens because a blockage happens inside the arteries. In other cases, the cause of the stroke is a rupture in the blood vessel that causes the blood to bleed away from the brain.

Even a mild stroke is dangerous and although it might not result in the death, it can cause severe health complications. The good news is that there’s a way to prevent the consequences of stroke. The trick is to spot it in time.

The employees of our in home elderly care agency are trained to be able to spot the signs of stroke. This way, they are capable of ensuring the health of the senior client. Care aides are constantly on the lookout for stroke symptoms, such as the following:

  • Paralysis – If the senior is experiencing paralysis or numbness in the libs or face, the in home elderly care providers need to call the doctors right away.
  • Impaired speech – If the senior is having difficulties to speak properly, it can mean that a stroke is happening.
  • Impaired vision – The seniors who suddenly experience problems seeing properly might be experiencing a stroke.
  • Balance problems – If the senior is having problems standing on their feet unassisted, it means that something serious might be going on.
  • Headache – If the senior is complaining about a severe headache, the caregivers need to react by calling 911.

Apart from looking out for the symptoms described above, in home elderly care professionals also use a simple test to check whether the senior is having a stroke. It’s called the FAST test, as it stands for the following – Face (the caregivers need to look for signs of stoke on the senior’s face), Arms (the care providers need to check whether the senior can move their limbs normally), Speech (the caregivers must check if the senior can speak normally), and if they spot any of the symptoms, it’s Time to call the emergency.

Seniors who wish to remain independent in their homes can benefit from our services. To learn more about senior care services near you, contact our office in Cherry Hill, NJ.


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