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In Home Elderly Care Professionals Recommend Gardening for Seniors in Cherry Hill, NJ

Apr 16, 2018 by Michael Grim

Your local in home elderly care professionals in Cherry Hil, NJ discuss how gardening can potentially benefit your senior loved one! 

Senior Gardening
The cold weather is gone and now is the perfect time for seniors to get outdoors and enjoy some sun and exercise. Gardening is a light activity that is easy for most seniors to do and has a huge range of physical and mental health benefits for all ages. Below we highlight some of the best things about gardening as a hobby for seniors!

A New Skill or Hobby
Older adults who have never gardened before can gain a new skill and hobby if they pick up gardening. They may also learn about the different types of plants and eventually become experts in gardening. In home elderly care providers can help seniors learn more about gardening by helping them find books and other information about gardening that can make it even more fun. 

When senior citizens garden, they also engage in physical exercise which can help them manage their weight, improve flexibility, strengthen their heart and lungs, and promote muscle movement. Exercise is very important for seniors so that they can stay mobile and healthy. Seniors who have trouble with the physical aspect of gardening can get help and support from an in home elderly care professional.

Reduced Stress
Older adults often experience stress because of financial struggles, health challenges, and the loss of loved ones. Gardening can reduce their stress levels and help them avoid loneliness and depression by relaxing them in a peaceful outdoor environment.

A Sense of Accomplishment
Aging can often lead to a loss of strength and accomplishment.  Creating and maintaining a beautiful outdoor garden can be a great way for older adults to find a renewed sense of accomplishment.

Increased Exposure to Vitamin D
Gardening gives seniors increased exposure to Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for older adults because it can prevent falls and fractures, help them maintain mobility and independence, and decreases the risk of heart issues, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

Reduced Risk of Dementia
Seniors who would like to reduce their risk of dementia should garden on a regular basis. Gardening can improve problem-solving and sensory awareness which can help keep a brain in tip-top shape.
To ensure seniors remain safe while gardening, in home elderly care professionals, recommend that they wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water, use knee pads to protect themselves from cuts or bruising, and make sure all walkways are flat and free of slipping hazards.

In home elderly care is a great option for seniors in the Cherry Hill, NJ area. Caregivers can help with housework, shopping and other tasks that seniors might need extra help with. If your senior loved one in Cherry Hill is struggling to live independently call us today to find out more about in home care for seniors.

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