24 Hour Home Care in Cherry Hill, NJ

Reliable 24 hour home care for seniors in need of full-time care in the Cherry Hill area.

Too often, when a senior's condition changes and they require more than standardized care, they end up being moved into an assisted living environment or nursing home. Comfort Keepers 24 hour home care is an effective alternative to these dramatic and stressful moves.

24 Hour Home Care Cherry Hill

There are many reasons a senior may require 24 hour home care. Consider degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, ALS, or Parkinson's disease. In their later stages, these conditions can be highly, even completely, debilitating. Without support, seniors may not be able to safely remain in their home.

Short-term conditions such as a surgery, sudden illness, or an accident may also require round the clock care. This is especially true if the senior is bedridden or faces an increased fall risk due to delirium. Comfort Keepers 24 hour home care provides the support needed by working in conjunction with the senior's primary physician and health care team.

A full-time care program does not take away from the foundational supports your senior loved one already received. Comfort Keepers still takes care of light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, local transportation, medication management, and personal care services. What does change is the amount of time spent overseeing these needs and the frequency with which the care is provided. For seniors at risk of wandering and getting lost, falling, hurting themselves, or requiring support due to an intensive lack of mobility, full-time care is essential.

When family caregivers need a break, Comfort Keepers 24 hour home care is available as part of a respite care plan. During a senior's final weeks and months, 24-hour home care can be utilized as an essential part of end of life care.

In short, if your senior loved one has a need for round the clock care, Comfort Keepers can design an individual and customized support plan to cover their short or long-term needs. Contact us today to learn more about our full-time care and to schedule a free in home consultation.


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