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In Home Health Care Can Help Fight Depression in Seniors

Jul 17, 2017 by Michael Grim

Depression is a serious illness that affect millions of seniors every year. More than 6 million seniors suffer from depression and the risk of developing depression increases, as seniors get older. Health issues, social isolation, and diet are some of the many factors that contribute to depression among seniors. In home health care can help safeguard seniors from developing depression by helping them manage health issues, socialize more often, and pay more attention to their diet.

Vitamin B12 & Depression

According to several prominent psychologists and doctors, a lack of Vitamin B12 is one of the primary causes of depression in seniors, especially in senior women. The body doesn’t make Vitamin B12 on its own. It needs to get Vitamin B12 from food sources, usually protein sources like meat and dairy products. So maintaining a healthy diet that is rich in Vitamin B12 is essential for seniors. Often seniors don’t cook healthy meals for themselves because they have health conditions that make cooking and cleaning up difficult. Or they may find it too physically difficult to shop for ingredients, so they may simply refrain from eating various meals or order take out or foods that can be delivered.


In home health care providers can offer the companionship, care, and expertise necessary for ensuring that seniors eat a healthy diet. A home caregiver can prepare and share healthy meals with your senior loved one. They can also encourage and keep a food log of what your senior loved one eats to easily notify their doctor. In home care professionals can make it much easier for seniors to get out and shop for all the healthy vitamin rich food that they require to fight off depression.

Vitamin Supplements

Even if a senior is maintaining a healthy diet, they may also need vitamin supplements to help ensure that their body gets the vitamins needed to stay healthy. This is especially the case when it comes to vitamins like B12, which the body can’t make on its own. In home health care providers can help your senior loved one with daily medication reminders.


If your senior loved one in Cherry Hill, NJ or in the nearby areas, would benefit from in home health care contact us or call (856) 244-7549 for more information. Our care coordinators will work with you and your senior loved one to create a unique care plan designed to accommodate their personal care needs. 

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